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how often should i get a massage

How Often Should I REALLY Get a Massage

This has consistently been one of the most common questions put to me. It’s kind of a loaded one too because I never want my clients to feel like I am trying to “upsell” them.

How Often Should I Get A Massage?

The answer is as diverse as each individual.

I like to use the analogy of maintaining your car. How often should you change your oil and rotate your tires? Well, that depends on the car, the kind of oil your engine requires, the quality of your tires and how many miles you put on your car every day.  The more you drive, the more frequently your car requires these services.

Consider This When Deciding How Often You Need a Massage

So it is with your body. Are you a high mileage or a low mileage body? Do you have a strong or a compromised physical constitution? All these factors play into you deciding how often you need to schedule your massages.

I always tell my clients to listen to their bodies and let me know when they need me. I emphasize the LISTEN part and encourage them to contact me when they FIRST start to feel stress or symptoms, not when they can no longer function and are in dire straights.

Awareness Is Key

As a VERY general rule of thumb, once a month is typically sufficient but there will be times you may need more or less. The key lies in your awareness of LISTENING to your body. Nobody knows your body better than you do!