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We MUST Go Within to Express the Power of the Body, Mind and Soul

Lora Lindquist met with Natalie Viglione, president and CEO of TeamGu, live in-studio in Charlotte, NC for episode 28 of the Disrupt Now podcast series.

Natalie and Lora discussed some major issues we face – complacency and laziness is a rampant problem among humans and the way they operate in companies. And, an even larger issue, you can tell when company leaders are focused on profit ONLY, not the art of serving the people that pay for their services or products. How did we get so flipped in what’s important?

We each 100% hold the power to change, to heal, to do amazing things in this world, and this power does come from within! They explored Lora’s journey, the art of healing our bodies, being a mother and owning a business in today’s world. 

Listen to the podcast below: